Vision To Plan

Hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis for short- or long-term assignments.

Plan To Market

No matter your need, we’ve got candidates who can meet it. Experienced professionals can start today, whether the role is remote or on-site.

Market To Growth

This program encourages businesses to establish headquarters in a HUBZone and employ local residents, offering grants and certification in return, enabling them to compete for federal contracts

What We Offer

Legacy Groups provides community service, personal service and professional services for its people.  Legacy Groups provides select goods and professional service to government by contract.  Legacy Groups provides pathways to success in skilled trades; operates as the Fiscal agent for our indigenous church the Missionary District of Turtle Island and the indigenous communities associated with the Makanak Band.  Legacy Groups manages human capital for the District, the communities it serves as well as its affiliate companies; and, administers the legal aide and scholarship missions of the Lenape Bar Foundation and the Lenape Path Foundation.

Service Types

Volunteer, Apprentice trainee, Interns, Temporary, Remote, On-site, and Permanent placements are available, with the necessary background checks and clearance(s) if required.

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HUB Zone Employment – Indigenous People

Legacy is a HUB Zone focused operation that endeavors to train and employ human capital from lands designated HUB Zone nationwide.

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Human Capital – Staffing Services

Outsource your human capital requirements to us.  We provide access to the top talent from diverse backgrounds with a focus on the indigenous, women, disabled veterans and disadvantaged people of color.

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