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HUB Zone & Indigenous Human Capital Recruiters


A Historically Underutilized Business Zone, abbreviated HUBZone, is a geographical area determined by the Small Business Administration to be highly populated but underfunded. In an effort to bring business to these areas, the government created the HUBZone program. This program incentivizes business owners to headquarter their business in a HUBZone and hire staff who reside in one.  In return, small business owners are offered grants and awarded a HUBZone certification allowing them to compete for federal contracts.

Employers in the federal contracting industry who are pursuing a HUBZone certification can only be granted this certification if 35% of their employees reside within a HUBZone, putting your resume in high demand.  As their business grows, so does their hiring requirement, creating a tremendous amount of opportunity for employment candidates.

Legacy Groups is an HUBZone and indigenous human capital recruiter.

Providing pathways to financial independence for our people and future generations.