Competitive Contract Placement

The US Federal Government consists of three types of services, the Competitive Service, the Excepted Service, and the Senior Executive Service. The competitive service consists of all civil service positions in the executive branch of the Federal Government with some exceptions. Appointments to the Excepted Service are civil service appointments within the Federal Government that do not confer competitive status.

Legacy Groups is uniquely positioned to locate competitive diverse human capital.

Permanent Placement

Permanent employment is an employment relationship where an individual works for an employer and receives payment directly from them. This type of employment arrangement does not include a set end date. A permanent employee may work on a part-time or full-time basis, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as employees who work 35 or more hours per week. Permanent employees often receive benefits packages through their employers, though those benefits may differ based on their status as a full- or part-time employee.

Remote Matching

Remote work is work done outside of a traditional office environment, also referred to as telecommuting.  The concept of remote work is that employees can successfully execute projects and daily tasks without needing to commute to an office each day. Different levels of remote employment opportunities exist.

  • Fully remote employee

  • Flexible job

  • Freelancer

Each type provides the benefit of flexibility in an employee’s professional and personal life.  Each type provides the benefit of expanding the employer’s geographical and operational reach.

Team Deployment

Legacy Groups provides limitless resources and talent options to going concerns of all sizes and the following varieties – charitable trusts, family trusts, business start ups, small business, federal, tribal, state to local governments.

Team deployment options give the employer the ability to leverage human capital and technology in adaptable and flexible manners, combining full time, part time, on site and remote staff from one or more disciplines, e.g. accountants, bookkeepers. paralegals, notaries, website designers and lawyers have been deployed in bundles according to circumstance and need.

Volunteer Community Service

Legacy coordinates, manages and maintains volunteer service and records for the District of Turtle Island church activities, the Lenape Bar Foundation, the Lenape Path Foundation and the Makanak Band.

Maintaining the highest quality, Legacy conducts criminal background checks on all volunteers that serve in related supervised Youth programs.